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dangerous! Watch this video

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94% of patients

who had an eye exam last year reported
a change in their prescription
since their last visit.

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Take a Stand, Arizona

Proposed legislation will put eye care
patients at risk by dissuading them from
visiting their O.D. on a yearly basis.

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 Where We Stand:

  • Annual Eye Exams
    Who should get their eyes examined? Everyone! Children need annual eye exams to check for normal vision development. Adults must have annual eye exams to...
  • Contact Lenses
    Contact lens care and hygiene Understanding The Contact Lens Fitting Process Many factors help determine whether a patient is a good candidate for contact lenses....
  • Your Vision Plan
    Routine eye exams are essential to preserve your vision and safeguard your eye health. Vision insurance and vision benefits plans can make routine eye care...
  • Access to Qualified Care
    Access to qualified care and vision insurance are vital to ensure eye health and safety. Preventive eye care should not be a separate insurance benefit,...