Protect your child’s vision this summer

WTOC-TV: When you reach for your sunglasses, don’t forget your child’s sunglasses as well. An Albany optometrist says eye protection is important even when it comes to children.

Dr. Taylor Prchal is an optometrist at Albany’s Vision Source off Old Dawson Road. He said that kids are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays more during the summer months.

Ultraviolet rays can be damaging over time, so it’s important that people wear the proper protection while they’re outdoors. So what should parents look for when it comes to buying their kids the proper sun protection?

“The main thing we want to see, regardless of pricing, is that there’s an ultraviolet protection…if it’s a $5 pair or a $200 pair, the ultraviolet protection is what we’re after. The quality runs with the price,” the optometrist said.

There are other ways to protect your child’s vision during the summer. If your child likes to swim, make sure that they’re not swimming with their contact lenses.

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